Vantage handles F&I for you! We offer a turnkey F&I service that allows dealers time to focus on selling more cars while Vantage handles the F&I!

Put the stress of selling backend products, staying on top of compliance issues, making proper disclosures, rehashing with lenders, getting deals bought, and discussing interest rates/payments with customers, on the professionals at Vantage Finance.

Vantage is on your team, and without monthly fees and the overhead expenses of a traditional F&I operation, Vantage allows dealers to fully participate in all that an effective F&I operation has to offer. Our world-class F&I service also comes with access to a full spectrum of national lenders which allows our F&I.

We want to help make F&I more enjoyable and profitable! It's time to start focusing on selling cars and leave the headaches of F&I to Vantage. Let us show you how F&I can take your business to the next level.

We're the only company of our kind endorsed by NIADA, contact us today to discover why!


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"We set out every day to make a difference. What sets us apart is that we are car people with extensive knowledge in what our lenders and dealers are looking for: maximizing profits while staying compliant! Give us a chance, you won't be disappointed!" -Kevin Halverson, President and Founder


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